Małe Ciche

The Małe Ciche ski station is located 11 km away from Zakopane if you are travelling along Oswald Balzer road, right at the foot of the Tatra Mountains towards the Łysa Polana border crossing. If you follow the Zakopianka road and turn towards Małe Ciche in Poronin, you will travel for 14 km.

There are no problems with parking in Małe Ciche. You can leave your car both at the upper and at the lower station of the Zgorzelisko Express lift. Parking is free of charge.

Małe Ciche is a modern ski station with a detachable chair lift. What does that mean? It means that it is easier to get off the lift. The slope at the Zgorzelisko Express lift is 1,300 metres long, wide and with an inclination angle of ca. 17%. The difference in elevation amounts to 220 m. The slope is always very well prepared, and thanks to the natural land relief and the detachable chairlift, even beginners will enjoy the ride. Unfortunately, more advanced skiers may get somewhat bored in Małe Ciche. Snowboarders may also be put off by the fact that the snow park is only available during periods with heavy snowfall.

The Małe Ciche lift starts in the middle section of the slope and is a good alternative if the lower Zgorzelisko station is very crowded. Unfortunately, getting off the lift is not as pleasant as in the case of the detachable chairlift. But everything is possible if you want to avoid the crowds. The ski piste at the Małe Ciche lift is a little wider and more inclined than that at the Zgorzelisko lift, but if there is a lot of snow, we can ski around a small forest which is visible from the lift and so make our stay at Mełe Ciche more interesting, while at the same time avoiding the crowded Zorzelisko slope. The ski station also offers several T-bar lifts of different lengths and difficulty levels.

If you want to avoid crowds - visit Małe Ciche during the week. During the school winter holidays, the pistes are crowded until lunchtime. Between 1 and 2 p.m. the queue to the lift disappears, and you can ski almost without stopping. At the weekend, the best time to choose is the afternoon or evening. Małe Ciche is illuminated after dark, and night-time skiing down the wide piste is sheer pleasure.

Both at the lower and the upper Zgorzelisko station, you will find restaurants where you can drink hot tea and grab some fast food. Although none of these eateries can be highly praised, we do not shun them, as everybody is likely to feel a bit hungry at some point during a day full of skiing fun. At the bottom station, you will also find a ski rental service and shops offering skiing goggles or an extra pair of gloves. Of course, skiing/snowboarding instructors are available at Małe Ciche as well. Children will also be happy to visit the Bajlandia playroom located on the upper floor of the Małe Ciche restaurant.

Małe Ciche is a ski station which offers the best views of the Polish Tatra mountains. It may be second only to Kasprowy; however, the quality and difficulty level of that slope is much different. The Małe Ciche ski station is the first choice for those who like some leisurely, rather than semi-professional, rides. The gentle slop and the very wide piste, as well as the comfortable and fast chairlift, make skiing here especially relaxing.

A daily pass in the peak season costs PLN 90. The off-season price is PLN 80. A cash machine is located at the bottom station of the Zgorzelisko lift. Credit cards are also accepted at the ticket offices.

difficulty - medium

Małe Ciche 62d

Credit cards: Accepted

Distance from Chałubińskiego Residence: 11.7 km

Opening hours: 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.

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