Mała Szwajcaria

Mała Szwajcaria

Mała Szwajcaria is a place that delights with its flavours and professionalism. At the same time, its prices will not scare you off. The only possibly depressing thing might be that there will be NO TABLES AVAILABLE. In the peak season, it is recommendable to book a table at Mała Szwajcaria by phone in advance. The meals served at the restaurant are a mastery of taste and smells, blending local traditions with global inspirations.

Mała Szwajcaria serves not only boletus mushrooms, present in almost any Zakopane-based restaurant, but it also offers saffron milk caps, typical mountainous mushrooms, which are almost impossible to find in the lowlands. You simply need to try them when in the mountains. We can’t imagine that someone could refuse because they do not like them…

The wide selection of raclette on the menu will be a delight to those who enjoy potatoes and other vegetables baked under a blanket of cheese, as well as to connoisseurs of atypical combinations of tastes. Mała Szwajcaria also serves genuine cheese fondue.

We especially recommend the knedle dumplings stuffed with traditional salty bryndza cheese - the mere thought makes our mouth water. It is a pity that this regional cheese hardly ever finds its way onto the tables of other local restaurants. The selection of dumplings is impressive and quite delicious. The traditional pierogi dumplings are made at the restaurant and exceptionally tasty. The pierogi stuffed with buckwheat, onion and field mushrooms are our top pick. They are especially filling and healthy at the same time. All this to be followed by the exquisite chocolate fondue as dessert.

Both vegetarians and meat-lovers will be equally captivated by Mała Szwajcaria. If we were to find fault with a fat goose in this restaurant, we would say that there are no local beers on the menu. We have long found products from large concerns unsatisfying. As far as juices are concerned - the place offers ones made near the town of Nowy Sącz, which means that they are both delicious and healthy. Music would be another downside - instrumental covers of disco-polo pieces are not the kind of tunes you would expect to accompany such a delicious meal.

Mała Szwajcaria will delight you with a very good meal in a good atmosphere and with very good service. When the place is packed, you will have to wait for you meal, but we think that this just proves that the food here is always freshly prepared.

The prices? They depend on the dish, of course. A dinner for two can cost you as little as PLN 50, but if you choose more sophisticated dishes (especially the custom-made ones included in the „Four Elements” menu), you can pay even several times more.

Mała Szwajcaria

ul. Zamoyskiego 11, Zakopane

Credit cards: Accepted

Distance from Chałubińskiego Residence: 550 m

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