Nosalowy Dwór

Nosalowy Dwór

Nosalowy Dwór is a restaurant which always offers tasty dishes. The obvious choice here is the salad bar, which will help to satisfy the great hunger you are bound to feel after a day out skiing or hiking in the mountains.

Nosalowy Dwór is a regional restaurant that serves the perfect boletus mushroom soup, large and filling „Hungarian-style” potato pancakes, fresh fish, delicious cabbage rolls in boletus mushroom sauce or bowls full of pierogi dumplings. A special children’s menu is also available. The prices in Nosalowy Dwór are quite high for Zakopane. A dinner for two will cost you around PLN 100.

Sadly, the vegetarian menu is quite limited, and after just 2-3 visits to the restaurant, you are forced to start ordering the same things.

Nosalowy Dwór also offers delicious lard, which you can buy to take home. The car park in front of the restaurant only has a few parking spaces, but you can easily park on the opposite side of the road.

Nosalowy Dwór

ul. Balzera 21D, Zakopane

Opening hours: 12 noon - 10 p.m.

Credit cards: Accepted

Distance from Chałubińskiego Residence: 1.7 km

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